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Paperwork 2018 - Annelies Vanoost

Paperwork 2018 - Annelies Vanoost

Création : Membre Febelgra un'dercast / Annelies Vanoost un'dercast / Annelies Vanoost
Impression : Membre Febelgra Stockmans Stockmans
A story emerges, with geometrical figures playing the lead roles, and the tactility of the paper becomes the soul. Paperwork uses the medium of a calendar as an excuse for a personal project, 12 months or editions are printed in 6 Pantone colours on 8 different papers. The latest UV Offset print technology combined with old-school letterpress, 8 different kinds of paper with support from Antalis. Printed & published by Stockmans “Art books & publications” in Belgium.
Project details
Quantité réalisée 500
Nombre de pages 15
Dimensions (largeur x hauteur x épaisseur) 340 mm x 470 mm x 80 mm
Méthode d'impression - production Offset Autres
Type de projet Calendriers
Client Annelies Vanoost / Stockmans
Impression Stockmans
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